Friday, February 6, 2015

Color flop, 2.6.15

Well, I said I would be documenting my daily/weekly painting and that there would, inevitably, be some flops. Well, here's an example of a flop. Before explaining, though, I thought I would show you where I was trying to head with the portrait of Sister and Peanut.

This portrait of Little man, age 3, is one that I'm pretty proud of. I completed it in college, so I had the added advantage of constant critiquing by my instructor, which, I'm sure, helped. I remember really wanting to loosen up with my brushstrokes and play with color. It ended up feeling a little like painting with watercolor. It was a lot of fun and I liked the end result.

Well, the portrait of Sister didn't go quite as well. (Maybe because I don't paint portraits very often.) It's not awful. It's obvious that I played with color. But it just doesn't work. I'm happy with parts of it, but the shadows are the wrong color and the contrast is too great. It would be salvageable, as this is just the first coat of color (other than a thin wash of flesh tone), but then I realized that I didn't leave enough room at the bottom for Peanut's little face. Dang! So, it will be wiped off, covered with gesso and turned into something else. I'll give this a go again sometime, but when a painting fails, I have to revert back to familiar ground (flowers, animals, bottles, etc.) to gain momentum again. Painting faces, especially faces of people you know very well, is really kind of stressful because it's very important (at least to me) that you capture their personality. I think that comes from how you handle the paint and how you handle the features, especially the eyes. In this painting, I'm happy with the nose and the mouth. But those aren't Sister's eyes. It's hard to explain, but they just aren't.

I'll be playing around with portraits every so often, but don't expect any beauties anytime soon! haha (It will take a lot of practice, as portraits are my weak area). Hopefully you don't mind seeing the "wipers" (Carol Marine's word!) before they're wiped :)

Sister- under-painting
Sister- under-painting plus a thin wash of color
Colorful Sister!

In other, completely unrelated, news... I had a great doctor's appointment today. ( I bet not many people say that!) She just got certified in functional medicine and I couldn't be happier about it. This means that, in addition to traditional treatments, she will also be recommending/prescribing alternative treatments and considering medical issues from the root cause (prevention), rather than just treating a problem by prescribing medicine. She's running tons of new tests (nutritional screenings, food allergy/sensitivity tests, celiac tests, etc.) on me to hopefully, finally, figure out what is causing my chronic digestive issues. It will be such a relief. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

The weather is supposed to be great in our neck of the woods- mostly sunny and 60 degrees- so have a great weekend!   Juli

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