Thursday, February 19, 2015

Posting some paintings-Thanks for your patience!, 2.19.15

Please excuse the monotony of seeing some old paintings posted here. Since I've re-joined Daily Paint Works and they pull the paintings to post each day from my blog, I'll need to post one each day until they are all featured. Thanks for your patience!

Complimentary bottles, $100.00, 8 x 10, click here to buy
In other news, we've had quite a few snow days this week, so I had some bonus days to play with my grandsons and spend time with Sister and Eddie, so it's been a good week! (Well, minus the two day long headache I had on Monday and Tuesday. That was no fun.) I was also pretty bummed out that Little Man got stuck at school this weekend because of the snow. Better safe than sorry, though.

But, we did have a little birthday party for Eddie on Sunday, I finished a painting for my sister's birthday on Monday, I finished a custom order onesie for a customer in California on Tuesday and spent some much needed time at home paying bills, posting new listings on Etsy and getting the Daily Paintworks page set up on Wednesday. So, not only has it been a fun week, but also a productive one! It's all about balance, right? Oh, and at night, M. and I have been continuing our Mad Men marathon. And with snow days, I can stay up later and watch more episodes. Woohoo! Yes, I know. It's actually the third Mad Men marathon we've had in the past 14 months. I guess we really need to get a life! haha!

I'll leave you with some pictures from my week :)
Eddie's first birthday, 1989. All of my mom and dad's grandkids had the same first birthday cake, made by my mom.

Eddie's 27th birthday, 2015. Peanut was so proud of the cake he made for him :)

And then the snow moved in. I'm lucky to have a husband who actually likes to shovel snow. You can barely see him there to the right of the tree, shoveling away!

My sister's birthday gift from me. She LOVES dachshunds!

Snow time with Peanut :)
Have a great weekend!  Juli

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  1. Looking good. Like the new layout! Sorry about the headaches on Snow Days. Stinks to be sick!