Friday, April 10, 2015

Lately, 4.10.15


Making: custom onesies and Easter baskets, no time to paint lately :(
Drinking: organic, unsweetened cranberry juice (don't worry, I add Truvia, otherwise it's too sour to drink!)
Watching: a really disturbing documentary about Rich Hill, Mo, called Rich Hill. I couldn't even watch the whole thing. Sad, but eye opening. And I'm in the middle of a Friends marathon on Netflix (to counteract  the effects of the depressing documentary).
Reading: just blogs lately, here are some of my recent favorites: Sedwick Studio, Unspeakable Visions and 3191 Miles Apart
Listening to: Sam Smith's Lay Me Down
Thinking about: the future of Olive and Ash Studio ( a blog post about this is in the works-stay tuned!)
Laughing at: Peanut thinking that PawPaw M. said "pickles" when he really said "ankles".So cute. And his pickles are on his back, you know :)
Disliking: Feeling like crap after having to purposely eat gluten and dairy last weekend for some tests I had run. Oh, my! Nothing like having a stomach ache for four days straight.
Loving: the thought of those above mentioned tests revealing some answers- finally.

Have a great weekend :)   Juli


  1. The future of Olive and Ash? Hmmm? And this Rich Hill film? Hmmm? and I am sorry you weren't feeling well today... I am so sick of allergies... my coughing has gotten just silly! Get well and btw, I may steal these blog starters you use for a blog entry! LOVE IT

  2. Thanks, Karlene's Mom! Feeling better, but still not right. But I'll get there! So sorry to hear about your Grandma.