Monday, July 27, 2015

Changes!, 7.27.15

More changes are coming our way. Oh, my. I'm ready for things to settle down a bit. I've been writing about the stresses of this summer and we've finally come to a decision that will, hopefully, take some of the stress away. So here's the scoop. We've been renting from my son for over a year while trying to sell our house, which means that we have had to keep up payments on two places for the past 16 months. Our best case scenario was to sell our house within a few months (it's never taken longer than four months to sell any house that we've ever sold in the past) and we would be able to take our time to find a new place, while at the same time saving money for a larger down payment, thus a smaller house payment. We knew we could keep it up for a year without any issues, but it has now been 16 months. So we had to get serious about what we were going to do. We were getting to the point of losing a significant portion of our original down payment. So...we are moving back into the house and taking it off the market for now. There are many things that we don't like about this decision, but we have to focus on the good things. And many circumstances led us to the conclusion that the good points in moving back definitely outweigh the bad.

One really good thing is that I will now have a dedicated studio space- a whole room to myself, just for painting, sewing, dyeing, etc. I'm super excited about it, as I've never had more than a corner of a room before. I think it will make a huge difference as far as getting things done and being more organized, consistent and productive.

My previous thoughts here on expanding Olive and Ash to include classes, workshops, etc. will have to be put on hold for a while, as getting classes and workshops set up in the first place will take resources that I don't have right now. But it is still in the works (if only in my mind, for now!). I'll be focusing on getting the studio set up, doing some serious making when we get settled again and working on some home improvements which will enable me to have small groups of people in the studio.

Another good thing about moving is having more space in general, which I will need by the beginning of next year because I will suddenly be not only the Bibi (Grandma) of two, but the Bibi of FOUR! Yes, my Doublement Gum commercial in my last post was a hint that my son and his wife found out they are expecting identical twins! I still haven't really wrapped my head around it yet, as we have never had twins in our family before, but I'm sure it's going to be so much fun :)

I'll leave you with some images (some of you may have seen them on Instagram and Facebook already) of the new studio space in our 'little house on a big hill' and some inspiring quotes on change by Kelly Rae Roberts , whose words have made a huge difference in my outlook lately. Enjoy them!

I was able to hang the vintage handkerchief banners and strings of mini lights in the studio- something I've always wanted to do.  This space started out as a garage, converted to a game room, then became a storage room. I think it was always meant to be a studio, though. It has great, natural light coming from the north through the french doors that replaced the windowless garage door. And just up the steps is my favorite spot to relax- the front porch.

Have a great week!  Juli

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