Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lately, 9.16.15


Making:  I'm finally settling into a routine now that we're back at the Little House on the Big Hill, which means I've been making time to work on some long overdue art projects. I finished the multi-media collage painting and have two more in the works, using my mantras from the summer. (You can read about that here, in case you missed it).

Be Steady. Be Still. Be True. Acrylic, cotton, gel medium and paper on stretched canvas.

And I'm slowly plugging away at the fiber piece from the summer. I'm thinking I'd like to add a lot more layers to this one, but my hands can only take stitching through very thin fibers. So, that is my challenge right now. Trying to brainstorm through it.

Drinking: Decaf Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee coffee and my standards- green tea, red wine and water.

Eating: Just finished the last of the bruschetta, made with the only homegrown tomatoes I've had all summer, thanks to my co-worker (the "M" of MK Designs and Photography). Thanks, M.T.!

Watching: the movie, A Walk in the Woods. The book, by Bill Bryson, was one of the few books (maybe the only book, now that I think about it) that both M. and I have read. (M. is an avid reader, me- not so much!) Anyway, it was fun to watch this movie together. But, I do have to say that the book was so much better than the movie. Don't get me wrong, the movie was definitely worth seeing, but the book was over-the-top good. SO funny! A definite plus for the movie, though, was Robert Redford. I'm a huge fan ;)

Reading: Love the work from an old high school friend, who recently started writing again.  Check it out on Instagram @begreat_a3k

Listening to: Podcasts. I love listening to podcasts in the car- mainly art, art business or art education. I've recently added The Slow Home to my list, though, so I'm looking forward to that.
I've also been in the mood for country music lately and this is my current favorite:

Thinking about: New blog content. As I mentioned earlier, I have two more mixed media collage paintings to start, and I've decided to document each step, along with my thoughts about each one as I progress. That way, if anyone out there wants to try it for themselves, they can. (The original content comes from Kelly Rae Roberts, I will just be writing about things I changed up in order to make it my own.)
Also, I just signed up for an online meditation course (actually an IPhone app) by Dan Harris. I loved his book, 10% Happier, so I'm anxious to see how I like this. The book is all about meditation, but I have yet to actually practice what he preaches. Anywho- I'll be posting a few reviews about the meditation app as well.

And, I've really been interested in the routines of creative people and how their motivation is affected by their daily routines and their physical environment. I've been reading posts on a couple of different blogs, Daily Routines and My Morning Routine, and plan to put some of these ideas to the test for my own motivation. As I've mentioned here before, I've become a much more routine-oriented person over the last few years and I think having a specific routine for my "making" days will help me be more productive. I'll be reporting on what works and what doesn't. ;)

Laughing at:  Hmmm... M. and I were just talking about my lack of the ability to "play". I have a hard time letting go and just "playing". Even as a little kid, my idea of "play" was "playing house". And since the age of 17, I've been doing that every day- for real. Taking care of my babies was really all I ever wanted to do, even before I had real babies! So, I'll be working on playing. And laughing!

Disliking: Lack of communication and the resulting, misunderstanding.

Loving: Everything about my life right now. Feeling very content :)

Have a great evening! Juli

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