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Bittersweet October, 10.15.15

Bittersweet October... 

I guess it's fitting that October ended up being a bittersweet month for us. If you think about it, it's just the nature of October- everything  is dying off- leaves falling, everything turning brown- yet, for some reason most people are energized by it all- the cooler weather, the approaching holiday season. For us, over the years, October has definitely become a month of ups and downs:

October 11th- Sister's Due Date Day- For some reason, I always remember my due dates and try to remember to tell each my kids "Happy Due Date Day!" (I know it's weird!) But, this one was especially significant because Sister was my first baby and I was only 17 years old at the time. You have no idea how much I did not want to be pregnant anymore, as I watched my due date of October 11, 1983 come and go.

October 12th- Miscarriage day. At ten weeks, in 1994. Yes, I still remember it every single year for the last 21 years. (And yes, I know this seems kind of weird, too.)

October 15th- Ruben J's birthday. In my entire life, I haven't known anyone who gets as excited about their birthday, no matter their age. By the time he was in his late 20s, I thought to myself that he really should get over it. You know, he wasn't a little kid anymore. Everybody enjoys their special day once a year, I know.  But Ruben J wanted to take off work and throw himself a party every single year. I'm not kidding. One year, on his 30th birthday, we took a trip to Colorado so he could spend his birthday elk hunting, but he was disappointed because he didn't get to have a party! Oh, my! It really used to bug me. Now, looking back on it, maybe, deep down, he knew he would only get about half as many birthdays as he should, so he'd better make the most of every single one. And now, looking back on it, I wish I would have been more patient about that. Today would be Ruben J's 55th birthday.

Photo courtesy of Tracy Schmidt

October 17th- The day of Ruben J's death, in 2011. He had just turned 51. I remember, on his 50th birthday, sending him a Happy Birthday e-mail saying "Here's to 50 more!". His response, "Yeah, right!". Very unfair that he only got one more.

October 25th- Sister's birthday, in 1983.  Yes, if you are calculating in your head back to the beginning of this post, it is exactly 2 weeks later. Believe me, by then, I was one crabby, pregnant teenager! But, man, was she worth the wait. This girl. Oh, my. Someone was looking out for my seventeen-year-old self when they gave me this girl. She was the most happy, laid-back, easy-going baby. And she grew up to be the most kind-hearted, caring person I know. There is no doubt that I am a better person for having the privilege of being her mom.

Me and my girl.


October 25th is also my parents' wedding anniversary. Sister was actually born on their 25th Anniversary. Pretty good gift we gave them, huh?

Mom and Dad on their 50th Anniversary

And, finally, October 25th 1980 was Ruben J's and my first date. Well, if you call a ride home from a New Melle Community Club dance, a date, that is. In any case, it was just the beginning of one wild, 32 year ride.

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Hoping your October is more sweet than bitter - Juli

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  1. much here...I understand why you remember all these dates...all have such strong emotional holds on you...much love to you. October has evolved into my favorite month, actually - yet so "uneventful" in comparison to your life; your October. (Oh Hunter Thompson!)