Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lately, 10.10.15


Making: A second canvas from the Kelly Rae Roberts course I started over the summer, a banner for our newest Baby G, and currently focusing on finishing my latest fiber piece. Pictures posted soon as I progress a little further.

Layer 1 of the latest multi-media painting ( a little larger canvas this time). I'm really loving the color on this one.

Layer 2. This is definitely where it goes through an "ugly" stage.

And then it gets pretty again! Detail of layer 3. Love this section. I'm planning on keeping it visible through the next several layers. The little shot of yellow really stands out.

Drinking: the usuals :) I really need to try something new.

Eating: not the filet mignon from Aldi's! I bought it and M. realized it is full of MSG, disguised by the name 'autolyzed yeast extract'. Close call! That would have cost me a day of work, for sure. Sister recently shared this article with me, though, so at least Aldi's is headed in the right direction.

Watching: the movie, Philomena- SO good!

Reading: this blog, with tons of good ideas, tips and tutorials.

Listening to: Still stuck on the original, "Please Come to Boston". Enjoy this oldie-but-goodie, below :) And this song by Need To Breathe.

Thinking: that I am in yoga heaven right now since I found all of my DVDs that have been missing since our move 18 months ago. I only kept a few standards with my computer when we moved and packed the rest away in a box. I have been looking and looking and finally came across them a couple of days ago. Can you tell I'm a Rodney Yee fan?!

Laughing at: Peanut, showing me his new Lego guy and telling me he, "looks like PawPaw M. with a happy face"! If you know M., you know why this is funny :)

Disliking: I'm keeping "Positive Vibes Only" and choosing to skip this section :)

Love my new print from A Beautiful Mess.

Loving: My students this week. They have been SO well-behaved. Maybe they sensed that I've had more than my fill of disrespect lately. What a relief to enjoy them so much. And today, I loved seeing a former student at a stop light, 50 miles from where I teach, with half of his body hanging out of the window just to get my attention and wave to me. Little things like this make me love my job over and over and over again.

Also... a little update on my plan to possibly teach some classes/paint nights/workshops, etc. at Blumenhof. I've decided that my heart just isn't in it right now, as I already spend 35-40 hours each week teaching art and barely have time to work on my own art. BUT, the good news is, someone else is going to do it! An experienced "paint and sip" instructor contacted M. recently, and since I had already decided not to do it, I readily gave him my blessing to invite her in. I'll post all of the info on it later, but I've heard good things about her, as she has been holding classes at other local wineries for a while now. I'm hoping it will be a good thing for the winery.

Well, that's my "lately".  Have a great week!  Juli


  1. I am so happy you are having a better week at school Juli. I have just been too busy to come up for air and have to more often. Today my lately includes; an overdue pedicure, staining my deck, filling out a mammoth form and submitting it for nationals, and now after a much-needed shower and a little dinner (glenda schroeder suprised me with dinner as I was deck staining!) I am going to finish my PDP by golly! What an exciting Saturday, eh? Also, I love your layers painting, and your grandbaby is right - that does look like M with a smile! What a hoot! You're awesome and I enjoy you! PS I updated my blog last week, too -

  2. Thanks, Karlene's Mom! I'll be sure to read your blog post today. For some reason, sometimes I don't see them when they are posted.