Monday, December 7, 2015

Lately, 12.7.15


Making- More layered paintings and some small fiber pieces (in preparation for the Kristkindl Markt!).

My latest mixed media piece. Needs another layer, otherwise finished.

Drinking- Hot chocolate with almond milk
Eating- Homemade chicken vegetable soup- in the crockpot today and making the house smell awesome!
Watching- the movie, Brooklyn. Highly recommend. So good!

Reading- Not reading now, but wanting to buy and reread the Little House on the Prairie books (hopefully with my granddaughters one day!). I loved them when I was a kid.

Listening to- Christmas music. Of course!

Thinking about- How I keep getting all of these signs, letting me know that we are supposed to be back in this house. Sign like this:

2 deer in the front yard...

and 2 deer in the side yard
As I pulled into the driveway Saturday afternoon, I was greeted by four deer, who just stood there for the longest time as I slowly drove up to the top. Pretty cool.

Laughing at- I honestly haven't been laughing enough. I'll work on that.

Disliking- Not having anybody around to eat the little treats in my advent calendar. Last year, I ate all of the candy myself! This year, I'm just moving the mouse each day- no treats :(

Loving- This new soap I found at Whole foods. I LOVE it!

And a new "lately" section (again, inspired by the series on the Assortment blog), "With what I have". I thought this would be a good addition, as it's a way to continually think about how I can use what I have, rather than buy "new" all of the time. So...

With what I have- Last year, we had a teeny-tiny Christmas tree and not much room for decorations, so I gave away a lot of ornaments, decorations, lights etc.  My Christmas tree skirt was among the giveaways, so last year I used some burlap. This year, I'm using some remnants of an old chenille bedspread that I found in my fabric stash. I'm kinda likin' it!

And, I was going to go out and buy one of those necklace trees, as I was really getting tired of untangling my necklaces every time I wanted to wear one. But, instead, I had this small coat hook that we used in the entryway at the townhouse, but weren't using in this house,so I put it to use for my necklaces. It works perfectly.

If you look closely, you'll see some original designs by Laura Blumenberg and MK Designs :)

So, that's my "lately". Thank you so much for all of the positive vibes sent to my mom on her birthday, following my TbT birthday post last week! That post reached over 400 people, which has never happened. I guess I need to honor my mom more often :)

Have a great week!  Juli