Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Inspiration All Around, 2.24.16

I'm so grateful for the sudden bursts of inspiration I have been experiencing lately (and the fact that I have been writing more things down so I don't forget them!)- inspiration in the form of  new ideas about mediums and techniques... inspiration from other artists' work... inspiration in finding random branches on the side of the road... inspiration that comes from slowing down, noticing and appreciating, etc., etc., etc.  It really is crazy! I'm hoping that it leads to progression, cohesion and growth in my work that I have been struggling to discover over the past few years. I think I turned a corner in that department last fall, but lately, I have had a strong feeling that something significant is just around the corner for me. It's kind of a cool feeling, I'm not gonna lie. Whether or not anything significant actually does happen, only time will tell. But I am definitely enjoying the moment because these kind of moments don't usually happen for me, as my brain space is usually taken up by stressing, worrying or fretting about something or other.

So, a few tidbits for you. Stay tuned for specifics :)

*This. I have been wondering for YEARS about what I can do with  the excessive number of colored pencil tins I have hoarded in a cabinet at school. They are usually just thrown away after the set becomes less than a set (pencils inevitably get lost or mixed in with other sets and you end up with a set of three pencils instead of the original set of 12), but I started to feel guilty about the waste and started saving them.  When I saw Valerie Knapp's website and her boxed embroideries, the wheels started spinning and I couldn't wait to get home to start on some sketches. I even came up with a title for a series of these (even though I have no idea what the subjects will be yet): Secrets :)  Hmmm...

*This branch:

Pretty cool, huh?! I saw it as I drove through New Melle several times over the course of a few weeks and kept thinking, " I need to stop to pick that up." Well, one day, I did. It is now on my front porch, drying out a bit as I brainstorm ideas for a mobile. Here are some ideas that have inspired me:

stunning chandelier, which was crafted on a shoestring. Spray-paint a bare branch white. When dry, make it a perch for clip-on songbirds (available at crafts stores). Place removable adhesive hooks on the ceiling, then hang the branch above your table using two ropes. Tie hanging tea-lights or votive holders from the branch using fishing line. Light the hanging votives and watch the nature-inspired chandelier sparkle sans crystals.:

turn a baby mobile into a big kid wall hanging

*This quote, from one of my all-time favorite movies, Unbearable Lightness of  Being:

You can sleep. Sleep in my arms.
Like a baby bird.
Like a broom among brooms...
in a broom closet.
Like a tiny parrot.
Like a whistle.
Like a little song.
A song sung by a forest...
within a forest...
a thousand years ago.

I LOVE these words. (Watch the scene here. So good.) They will become part of the painting that I started a couple of weeks ago. The words will be layer number two and they will be stitched, so it will take some time to finish, but I'm pretty excited about trying this new technique. I'll be working on some small samples (as it is a totally new technique for me and I can't find any instructions or examples of it online) tonight and, hopefully, begin the stitching this weekend.

*This space, in my yoga room. As part of the course I took over the summer, with Kelly Rae Roberts, it was suggested that we set up an altar space to be used as a place to set your intentions each day. It sounds kind of hokey, I know, but I really think it's having an effect on me

I kind of love this. Some of my favorite things are here- a calming photo by MK Designs and Photography , a figure sculpture ( a gift from M.), small, meaningful gifts from each of my three kids, a photo of myself before I had any stress or responsibilities (a Kelly Rae suggestion), a candle (because any space is better with a candle) and the book where I write down my intention each morning and my thoughts of gratitude each night.

So, there you go. Just a few things that have been filling my brain lately and creating this spontaneous, positive outlook! haha!

Oh, and I can't forget to mention, another probable cause for this sunny disposition-  two, beautiful baby girls (Baby C. and Baby L.) who came into our lives a few weeks ago. Oh, my. Really. So sweet. So adorable. So everything good. And, of course, my boys, Peanut and Baby G., who also inspire me. Every. Single. Day.

Have a great week!  Juli

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