Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lately, 2.11.16

My "lately"...

Making: New ideas for paintings are crowding my brain at the moment. The first one, started today, is one that will not be for sale, but, hopefully, will be the start of many more to come. Building upon my more recent painting techniques, I'll be stitching text and adhering it to the canvas with gel medium as one of the middle layers. Again, combining my love of stitching and painting and hoping for a successful outcome.

Layer 1

Drinking: Americanos from Starbucks, Harney and Sons Pumpkin Spice herbal tea

Eating: Lots of turmeric added to my stews, soups, grilled chicken, meatloaf, etc. I'm convinced that it is one of the things helping with the pain in my hands :) 

Watching: A recent favorite- (even though it's an older movie) Seven Years in Tibet (LOVED it), and to honor Alan Rickman- The Song of Lunch (also really good!)

Reading:  I'm really making an effort to only read positive words, including blog posts, articles, status updates, etc. and stay away from anything that seems hateful, gossipy, sad, sensationalized, etc. I'm convinced that what you watch, read, listen to or engage in- you become. And I really don't want to be those things!

Listening to:  podcasts and NPR, as I haven't really been in the music mood lately. Boring, I know!

Thinking about: Continuing to think about my cousin and her family and hoping they find comfort and peace in the memory of their sweet boy.

Laughing at: M., laughing out loud through his latest book. It really is contagious- when he laughs, I laugh, even though I have no idea why either of us is laughing. And it happens all the time :)  I love that.

Disliking: Cutting my finger (pretty badly!) while opening a new knife with another knife (not my brightest moment). And, a couple of days later, cutting right through my new-to-me vest at school while using the paper cutter. (Another "bright" moment!) A bit of advice- always make sure the long pieces of your asymmetrical vest are swept back and away from, not tucked underneath, the paper you are cutting, when you pull down the guillotine-style blade! 

Loving: Watching my son become a dad. As I've said before, February 2, 2016 was one of the six best days of my life. These two girls are completely beautiful and perfect. And completely identical. It's really kind of crazy!

With what I have: I'll be using these in a couple of small paintings I have started. They will be similar to the one above, but different color schemes and subjects. These pieces were cast-offs of a project from a couple of years ago that I found while I was cleaning the studio.

And, I've been expanding my upstairs work space and was planning to go to Ikea for a new cabinet to store all of my hand-stitching tools and projects in, but I performed some re-arranging magic and came up with something I already had.  I pulled a wooden shelf from the studio and placed it next to the 70's couch so it is all within easy reach when I plop down to watch a movie (my preferred time to stitch). It still needs to be styled a bit, maybe with some matching baskets or boxes or something, but for now, it works.  Can you tell I'm getting used to being back in this house? :)

Grand dog, Finn, approves of the new arrangement :)
Have a great week!  Juli


  1. Being cut is one of my worst fears! I love the movie 7 Years in Tibet. When my tax return kicks in soon, I need to talk to you about art... those paintings you had made into prints... that I love... want to buy some from you... see how I can make it work into a frame set up I already have... hmmm?