Monday, March 7, 2016


Lately, I've been...

Making...Starting on several new paintings, gathering ideas for my upcycled tin "secrets" project and planning my next fiber piece. I'll be pretty busy in this department for the next several weeks, as I have agreed to participate in the Washington Art Walk on April 15th. Looking forward to it and crossing my fingers for positive feedback. It's nerve-racking putting my work out there- in person! It's much easier to do online, that's for sure.

I'm experimenting with collaging some stitched text onto my multi-media paintings.

This is my first large scale multi-media piece. It's definitely a bit more challenging to fill the space before everything starts drying. The next step for both of these is to add a figure. Then two more steps after that.

Drinking... Tiesta Tea Blueberry Wild Child herbal tea (so good!), Lagunita's Little Sumpin' Ale (Yum!) and my regulars- coffee, wine and water :)

Eating...I've gathered all of the ingredients for this for a change of pace for breakfast. I'm a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast and for the past year, it's been coffee and toast with almond butter. I'm ready to change it up.

Watching... so many good things. M. and I have been striking gold on Netflix and Amazon Prime lately. Our favorites: Michael Pollan's Cooked on Netflix and Spotlight and Somm: Into the Bottle (a great movie on the history and business of winemaking) on Amazon Prime.

Reading...continually brushing up on my art history for my Art Appreciation class (mainly through the Annotated Mona Lisa ;))  and this, a new quarterly magazine I stumbled upon at Barnes and Noble (Love it!)

Listening to... Rick Batyr's One Thousand and Fifty Petals (weird choice, I know. I'll  be writing a blog post about it very soon to explain).

Thinking quickly time is flying by as I get older. It's crazy to think that Peanut will be in kindergarten this year, Baby G. is now big enough to run around and play with his older brother, Baby C. and Baby L. are already one month old and my baby, Little Man, will be a Senior in college this year. Oh. My. Gosh.

Such a big boy at Kindergarten Open House. He'll be going to the same school as his Bibi , which is kinda cool!

Laughing at...watching 20 month old, Baby G. relaxing with his tablet in his new Pink Floyd t-shirt.

No caption needed here. He cracks me up!

Disliking... letting "stuff" slowly build up in my house again. So, yesterday, I worked on that. I took everything out of my closet and dresser and piled it on the bed. Then, I picked up each one and decided if it would stay or go (advice from this book). I ended up boxing up 35 items for the resale shop, filling a trash bag to donate and filled another small trash bag to take to the dumpster.  It must have impressed M. ,because today, he did his side of the closet! Yay! for clean closets :)

With what I have...okay, this is a little embarrassing, but I'll write it anyway. I have this pair of shoes from Target that I bought the summer before last. Well, the sole started the separate from the upper part of the shoe a few days ago. I could have easily gone to Target to buy a new pair of something similar because buying shoes at Target is really not a splurge, you know.  But, no, being the cheapskate that I am, I broke out the wood glue (because that is the only glue I could find that I thought might work) and glued them back together. The classiest part came when I then taped them up with masking tape until they dried. I know! Oh, well. I think it worked. I'll let you know if they hold up through a day at work this week. I'm sure you'll be waiting with bated breath for that announcement.

Loving...Continuing to be in awe of my son and how he just dove right into this Dad thing and is so good at it. He's my "tough guy", so I wasn't sure what to expect, as he was never one to gush over babies or anything. But those little girls have him wrapped around his finger already and it is so cool to witness.

Also, absolutely loving this DVD I order called 'On Meditation'. I got it in the mail after work on Friday and it couldn't have been better timing, as Friday was a hellish day at work. There are so many good things to say about this, that I'm going to save it for a blog post all on it's own (I'll also be explaining the 'Listening' choice, above), as I realize that this post will be way too long if I ramble on about now.

So, that is my 'lately'! Have a great week!    Juli

*Just a reminder that the "Lately" blog posts were inspired by this blog and  "With What I Have" is inspired by this one. Must give credit where credit is due :)

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