Monday, April 18, 2016

Eat, Pray, Love- 4.18.16

Just a short blog post tonight, as I am in "making" mode once again- just two days after I told M. that I would be taking a break from making any kind of art. Basically, I was sulking because the Art Walk was disappointing, to say the least. But a few kind and very encouraging words from a few (of the very few) people who made their way back to my little corner of the shop, have finally started to sink in and now I feel better. I just needed a few days of pouting, I guess.

One of the plus sides to very little traffic that night was the fact that I was able to get some work done on this fiber piece. I brought it along, just in case it was slow, and boy was it ever slow! Glad I had it with me or I would have gone out of my mind.

Anyway, it took me a while to decide what this piece was supposed to become, but I finally settled on another movie theme. This one will be based on another fave of mine- Eat, Pray, Love. Yes, it is a major chick flick (M. and Little Man love to make fun of me for liking it so much!) but, it is also really inspiring. I read the book first (and, of course, it was better), then saw the movie (maybe a couple of times, maybe 20 or 30, but who's counting). So, now I am a huge Elizabeth Gilbert fan. (Her latest book, Big Magic is on my summer reading list and I love listening to her podcasts.

Anyway, the fiber piece features Tree Pose, so I originally thought it needed a quote about being strong,"like a tree". But, after much searching, nothing jumped out at me. Since my other fiber pieces are movie themed, I began thinking along those lines and came up with Eat, Pray, Love, as it has a bit of a yoga/meditation theme throughout.  So, here it is, so far (embroidery hoop and all).

My plan it to incorporate three sheer pockets on the left side, sewn with red thread, to insert another quote from the movie, divided into the three sections.

Here are the quotes I've decided on- from Elizabeth Gilbert and the movie:

" True power comes from standing in your own truth and walking in your own path."

"If you're willing to give up everything that you know and go on an adventure...and then treat every person that you meet as a clue to your future...then the truth will be yours." 

I love those so much, don't you?

I'll leave you with those thoughts :)    Have a great week!   Juli

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