Monday, August 22, 2016

Kitchen update, 8.22.16

If you've followed Olive and Ash Studio, you know that we've been trying to update our kitchen a bit. And you have probably gathered, by now, that it is taking FOREVER! But it is just about there and I need ideas for the last little problem area, so I'm sharing the "not ready for prime time" pics with you, so I can get your help.
First, a little explanation. We believe, wholeheartedly, in making do with what we have. Also, we don't have the budget for a high-end kitchen re-do. So what we have done is basically just a cosmetic makeover, with the exception of the countertops and refrigerator. The old countertop could not be saved and the old fridge was one that came with the house when we bought it (and it had turned from what was once, probably, a very nice crisp white, into a gross yellowish white). Yes, it still worked, but I ended up giving it to someone who really needed it, so I felt less guilty about the new one.
So, we made do with the off-the-shelf-at-Home Depot cabinets and the open shelving (made by my brother) and painted them. We did splurge on some really good paint- Behr Marquee  Paint and Primer in One. I can't say enough good things about this paint. One coat coverage means a lot when you are painting the entire kitchen, shelving, cabinets, living room, hallway and stairwell. In a cheap, weak moment, I bought Glidden for the island and there is no comparison. It will soon be re-painted with the Behr paint (in the navy blue).
Below, you will find my inspiration pics found via Pinterest and a few different shots of the kitchen work area. I apologize for the IPhone pics. Again, photography is not one of my artistic strengths!
Under the sink curtain and utilitarian style lights. Gray, blue, tan and black color scheme.
Chalkboard backsplash

Blue cabinets, brown countertops, light gray walls.

One of my favorite spots is just above the stove- the little black shelf (made by Colbey in 8th grade) and the little black light fixture just above it ( a $20.00 Target clearance rack find) and the rooster trivet, just below it (also a gift from Colbey- from Sanibel Island Pottery).

Not sold on the curtains, seat covers or island color and will be changing them... eventually. The island is the base of an old hutch. We removed the top and had them make a counter top to place over the existing top. I painted it the same color as the open shelves, but upon seeing this photo, have decided that it is too much contrast :(

For the most part, I am loving it. It feels much cleaner and brighter.

And, onto the problem area. The old backsplash was higher than the new one, so now we have damaged drywall to deal with. I don't want to spend the money or the time on a full tile backsplash, so I'm looking for suggestions. My only idea was a row of small square tiles in the various colors of the kitchen to help tie everything together. It would be simple, inexpensive and, I think, effective. But, I'm not sold on it. Any ideas???
When it is all completely finished, I'll try to find some before shots. It looks a lot better, believe me!


  1. It all look so Better Homes and Gardens lol picture perfect. You my dear have a second or third calling. I'm neat for the most part, but to have it look so "Amazing" crisp and clean the WOW effect. I'm sold. You have whatever it is Juli

  2. Looks great Juli! We are in the middle of a remodel kitchen also! Painted cabinets & kitchen table/chairs. I would suggest faux print paneling as backslash. I hope to try it on accent wall. Look it up on pinterest. It is ugly 70s looking & then people whitewash it & rough it up. I'm looking forward to trying it.It only cost $25 for an 8 ft sheet. You've done a great job on your remodel!

    1. Thanks, Cathy! I'll look it up. Sounds like a great idea!