Saturday, August 20, 2016

My Week of Inspiration, 8.20.16

I think M. must have been a counselor in his past life. On the brink of a total meltdown a few nights ago, he reminded me that he, too, sometimes feels desperate and/or overwhelmed by situations, but he knows that only he can turn it around. So he turns it around. Just like that. (He's a pretty straight-forward guy!) I don't know what it was about that particular comment, but, oh my, it brought about an immediate shift in my perspective. And every day since then has been a good, productive day. And since then, I've noticed so many other good things around me. Inspiration is ALL around, if you shift your perspective a little and take the time to notice.

So, here, I'm sharing with you my inspiration for this most challenging week. Hopefully, you can carry some of it with you into next week!

So, so, so true. And I need to constantly remind myself of this and just be quiet! I'm getting there.

I re-watch my "On Meditation" dvd on a regular basis and I get something new out of it each time. Love this concept.

Over the summer, I took advantage of probably way too  many Facebook and Instagram shopping opportunities. My latest purchase (a necklace that reminded my of one that I wore almost every day in high school) included the most thoughtful notecards and packaging that I think I've ever seen. I love everything about this shop. Check out Soul Mantras and Other Stories 

And this. Another new necklace from the Etsy shop, Stamped Jewelry For You. Check it out  here . No mud, no lotus. No challenge, no growth. No challenge, no beauty.

So, my final thoughts for the week... when you face a challenging situation in your life, it gives you the unique opportunity to become more open to change and growth. It gives you the opportunity to see and/or prove just how strong you really are. Rise above the challenge. Make yourself better. Make your life better. Then, and only then, you can "help others through it".

Sounds like a plan, huh?  Have a great weekend!    Juli

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