Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Choosing Joy, 9.14. 16

Lately, I am even more determined to turn stressful situations into positive ones. But, last night, I was sucked right back into anger, hostility and disappointment and ended up wasting valuable time with M. (the most patient man, ever!) and an ENTIRE nights sleep. What makes it worse is that it was just a tiny thing that set the negative thinking into a downward spiral.  Today, I am offsetting it by forcing myself to think positively. Jamey, my middle one, once told me that he actively chooses what to think about, so he chooses not to think about anything sad or upsetting. I remember, at the time, thinking, "What the heck? How do you do that?!" He must have gotten that from his dad, not from me! But, I'm finding, now, that it is a skill that you can learn with practice and it's one that I'm getting better at every day. I occasionally backslide, but it doesn't take me as long to bounce back to positivity. So, today, my goal was to  purposely spread some joy and I am happy to report that I feel much better because of it.

To keep that joy going, I am going to share a few Instagram accounts that make me very happy. Some of them might be repeats (sorry!), but they are just that good! They are:







@sarahmbivens (highly recommend her "Unleash Your Humble Badass" online course!)


All of these "Instagramers" have the same goal- to spread joy and inspiration. Scrolling through and spontaneously catching their uplifting posts never fail to make my day better. What could be better than that? It's CHOOSING joy, right?!

Have a great evening!   Juli

Monday, September 12, 2016

Lately, 9.12.16


Making:  I'm really motivated to finish this piece and am SO close! I'm thinking I'll be finished with the stitching tonight and will be able to piece it together tomorrow night. Fingers crossed that my schedule stays open. Then, onto the collaged tray that I started a couple of weeks ago. Both will be listed in my Etsy shop soon, so stay tuned for that!

Same scene, different beverage ;)

And... adding bindings to the weavings created by my Adaptive Art students. Loving those kids and the class :)    

 Drinking: See above photos :)  Lately, my happy places involve either a good craft beer or a good cup of chamomile tea. Obviously, relaxation is the ultimate goal, either way.

Eating: Less. My clothes are feeling a little snug lately, so I'm back to watching (not necessarily counting) my calories. Those of you who know me well, know that I have subconsciously counted calories since the age of 15, when I asked Gary (aka, Ruben J) if he thought I needed to lose weight and his response was, "Well, maybe just 10 pounds or so".  Oh, my! To a 15 year old girl, that was a serious statement. At that moment, literally, I started counting calories. And now, still, 35 years later, it is just second nature. (By the way, I ended up losing 23 pounds by the next summer and realize now that if I had gone to a doctor, they probably would have diagnosed me with an eating disorder. Very serious stuff. I just didn't realize it at the time.) FYI- the best answer to my question would have been "You're beautiful the way you are." ;)

Watching: M. and I have been really trying to find something new to watch, but have had no luck. Saturday chick flicks have included the movie 'Sky' (pretty good!) and 'Peace, Love and Misunderstanding' where Jane Fonda plays a hippie grandma and Catherine Keener plays her uptight daughter. Part quirky, part formulaic- but overall, entertaining.

Reading: Lots of good articles in my Happinez "publication" (aka- expensive magazine!) and getting ready to dive into "Generation iY" for a book study at school.

Listening to: new music recommended by Colbey (aka Little Man)- Grady Spencer and the Work. Love it! Also, I take music requests in my classroom and recent requests have included Michael Jackson, Conway Twitty and Billy Joel :)

Thinking about: The true power of social media. It can seriously make or break your mood, your day, your week, etc. and I think it should almost be considered a drug, of sorts. But, in this case, you are in charge of dispensing your own prescription ( I guess that would make it a street drug?!)- knowing what is good for you or bad for you, how many doses you should have per day and when to wean yourself off of it or alter your "prescription".  Hmmm... another weird analogy, I know!

Laughing at: One of my students, who sharpens (and uses) his pencils down to the very last, literal, nub. hahaha!

Loving: My time spent with these little guys. SO MUCH JOY... that I can't even stand it sometimes!

Uncle Colbey's 21 year old newborn binky to the rescue!! At 2am!

 And... my steadfast home companion- Olive (shown here with a fresh, new "hair" cut).

Spreading Joy: Joy was spread to me in a nice note sent from our Assistant Superintendent last week and from Colbey, the week before. By the time I write another "Lately" post, I will make it a point to have "Spread some Joy" to someone else.

With What I have: I needed more shelving in the studio and less in my kitchen, so I re-purposed the top part of this hutch (the bottom part is now our island), using it on top of my sewing desk. At some point, I plan to get some cute, coordinating storage bins. For now, it is just functioning as part book shelf, part sewing storage. But... it was FREE- from my kitchen!!

Have a great week! Juli