Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Happy Due Date Day, 10.11.16

Happy Due Date Day to my daughter, Chelsi!  As I've discussed here before, my due date, when I was pregnant with her, was October 11, 1983. Well...she was in no hurry and waited until October 25, 1983 to make her debut. I spent most of my 17th year pregnant and had her two months before my eighteenth birthday. Yes, I was married and a mother before I was even able to vote, so you can imagine how tough it was to begin raising another human being before I was even a "grown up" myself, before I had any idea about who I was and before I had any idea about how to be a mother. (Back then, in the hospital, they offered classes before you took your baby home, such as, "how to diaper your baby" and "how to bathe your baby", etc. Needless to say, I felt the need to attend ALL of them!)  Somehow, though, with lots of support from Gary's and my family, we ended up with a daughter who is the most loving, thoughtful, caring, genuine woman we know. 

I say "we" because I know that even though Gary isn't here to show it or say it, he believed it. And even though he is gone, I have to believe that he somehow sees her putting flowers, flags and updated photos of herself, her brothers, her sons and her nieces at the cross where he died, at the change of every single season. And how she visits his grave and tends to the area around his memorial bench on every special day (and sometimes on just ordinary days) throughout the year. I have to believe that he knows how dedicated she is to his memory and how she will never let anyone forget who he was.

Sister, you have no idea the light you bring into our lives by your thoughtfulness and the way you are, in a way, a "mother" to all of us. It is what you were born to do and you are perfect at it. And you were most definitely worth the wait. Looking back on it, maybe you somehow sensed that giving your young momma a couple of extra weeks to prepare could only be a good thing for you! In any case, little did we know, on October 11, 1983, we were about to win the lottery.

Have a great week!  Juli
P.S. Our 'Little Man' (Colbey) has a blog! Check it out here

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