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Sharing- Part 3, 1.19.17

More sharing...

To open, here is an excerpt from my first "Sharing Post":

I realized...  how grateful I am to have access to the thoughts, stories and advice of so many wise women via the internet, networking, friends, co-workers, etc.. I feel fortunate to have been enlightened enough to absorb and reflect on what these women were sharing and to digest every little morsel of information that I could get my brain around, using it to add positivity to my life at a time when negativity was dominating (if you know me or have been following this blog for a while, you know about the conflict that has been my life lately).  Sooo... for the next few posts, I'll be sharing some of the thoughtful information that I received from these wise, wise women through their instagram feeds, blog posts, podcasts, websites, etc.  Their stories and inspirational words have helped me put one foot in front of the other and get out of bed each day for the past six months.

So, for Sharing #3, I'm going to talk yoga.

I've had several people ask me about how and why I started doing yoga in the first place, so I thought a blog post about it would be fitting. I know I may lose a few of you here. Sorry! I hope you stick with me, though, because it could really change your life if you give it a chance. I'm convinced that it has helped save my sanity through many stressful situations over these past few years. 

I think I've always been drawn to yoga (think back to PBS's Lillias, Yoga and You and the Ali McGraw videotapes!) and tried it several times when I was younger. For some reason it never really stuck, though. But, in 2009, I bought the '15 Minute Results Yoga with Rodney Yee and Mariel Hemingway' DVD and that was the game changer for me. I think the fact that each segment was so short that it didn't overwhelm me was what made it work for me. I knew I could commit to just a few times a week for 15 minutes. Well, needless to say, it snowballed from there.

Now, I do some amount of yoga every day- ranging from as little as 15 minutes to as much as 65 minutes. I don't commit to a certain amount (it's a head game I play with myself!) and tell myself if I get on that mat and don't feel like doing it, I don't have to. Honestly, though, I very rarely get up and walk away. Yoga, for me, isn't about the "workout", though. The physical part of it is really just a bonus.  It's more about the way it calms my mind. When you are doing yoga, you are forced to focus on what you are doing right then and there- breathing, stretching, balancing and moving gracefully (well, trying to, at least!), so you have no room in your brain for worrying. Sounds great, doesn't it?!

So, if you are interested, here are my go-to yogi websites:

Rodney Yee

Colleen Saidman Yee

Seane Corn

Over the past 8 years, I've accumulated quite the yoga DVD library and always come back to these three instructors. The great thing about having so many choices is that I decide before I even start what I feel like I need on that particular day and then make my choice. If I need a compassionate voice, I'll go with Rodney Yee. If I need clear direction and a soothing voice, I'll go with Colleen Saidman Yee. And if I need an empowering voice, my go-to is Seane Corn.

If you have kids at home, a group yoga class may be better for you. I remember how hard it was to get even a few minutes to myself to go to the bathroom, much less, hole myself up in a room for an hour to do yoga! Or, maybe you are just a more social person and would prefer to be with a group of people. Whatever it takes to get there, I would give it a try.  And if you do, I hope you love it as much as I do!

I've never taken a group yoga class. I guess I should try that sometime. But, really, who would want to leave this to drive to a yoga studio??! I feel VERY fortunate to have this space all to myself (empty nester, here!), as this is where I start almost every single day.  Not the greatest photo ( as we have had NO sunshine lately) but I LOVE this space.
I must give a shout out to MK Designs for several of the photos shown in this room. Love her work. It also happens to be her birthday today, so Happy Birthday, MT!

Stay tuned for Sharing #4- Meditation :)

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