Friday, May 5, 2017

On Prayers and Words, 5.5.17

Writing a blog post not long after coming out of general anesthesia is probably not a good idea, so forgive me if this makes no sense at all! But, I suddenly felt like writing. Go figure. I considered a "Lately" post, but I'm still at a loss for really considerate, thoughtful, helpful or  meaningful words. As I've said here before, I have so much to say that I can't really narrow anything down. So, I'm continuing to work through the "stuff" in my head by making things with my hands and letting the art do the telling. Yay! for art therapy, right?!

Teach me...( guide me, lead me, inspire me, show me, tell me). Original, multi-media collage painting. Acrylic paint and paper on canvas board. 16" x 20"

First up, a prayer painting. I have no idea where this came from, because if you know me, you know that the word "prayer" is not one that I am inclined to use. But, prayer has been on my mind, as I feel like that is what I've been doing a lot of lately. But not in the typical, religious or religion-specific sense of the word- just asking for guidance, reassurance, etc. from a kind of energy I feel around me sometimes. So, I pray (my way) pretty much every morning and every evening. It's something I've added to my daily routine, beginning with my Field Guide Deck  (which you can order and read more about here). Each day, the chosen card gives me something to focus on and think about at the beginning of day and it gives me something to reflect on at the end of the day. I love using them and can't recommend them highly enough. I'm looking into purchasing another deck soon, so if you have a suggestion, leave a comment for me! (I'll blog about how I use these cards in a later post.)

So, as part of this new routine, one morning, I actually saw a new painting in my mind. I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like, including the composition, colors, shapes, forms, etc. It just came to me, out of the blue,  as I wasn't even considering a new painting at the time. Very new experience for me, for sure, because I usually struggle with new ideas, especially very clear ideas, for paintings. But, as a result, this one felt like it just fell out of me and onto this canvas. Pretty cool feeling.

Altered tins- step 2- collaged paper and paint.

And, my "Secrets" series of reclaimed/upcycled, altered tins has begun taking shape, thanks to a very unexpected week off due to "flood" days at our school. This project has been on my mind for a long time and I'm glad to finally be starting it. I have a lot of ideas for the embroidered "Secrets" inside the tins, but I'm starting with words from my husband that I have felt compelled to write down over the years. I am so lucky to share my life with someone who has such a kind, gentle and calm way about him and who is so knowledgeable and confident with words and doesn't hesitate, in the least, to use them. (One huge lesson I have learned lately is how important and powerful words are, in either a hurtful or helpful way.) His words have given me more confidence, reassurance and support than I ever thought I would have in my life.  I know this sounds sappy and I've probably said it here before, but he is, truly, one of the greatest gifts of my life.

So, the first few pieces in this series, is, in a way, a reflection, of sorts, about how lucky I am to hear sentiments like this on a regular basis, but also as a way to give other people a chance to give these words to someone without having to actually say them out loud. Because, let's face it, some of us just aren't very good at that, right?

Altered tins- step 3- words and more paint. Then a gel medium finish coat.

Embroidered, reclaimed fabric for the inside.

Tin #3 is a work-in-progress today- so no photos yet. Also, I'm in the process of researching ways to secure the fiber pieces inside the tins. Once I find a something suitable, I'll be listing them in my Etsy shop- hopefully very soon! 

I have to end this with a huge "Congratulations!" to my 21-year-old baby boy- who has officially gone from Little Man to Working Man. He accepted a job offer, in his chosen field, just five days after he graduated from college. I am one very proud momma, that's for sure! Way to go, Colb!

Hoping there aren't too many post-anesthesia typos and/or incoherent thoughts here. Thanks for reading, either way. And have a great weekend! Juli