Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sharing, 8.2.17

I thought a little sharing would be a good way to start the day, today- a couple of beautiful online shops, a short book and some inspirational words. Enjoy!

The shops:

Storm Club: My step-daughter, Laura, opened her Etsy shop! She makes amazing, porcelain ceramic and sterling silver jewelry. Each piece is unique- designed and crafted by Laura (who studied ceramic sculpture at the Kansas City Art Institute) in her Brooklyn studio. Check out Storm Club here.

Photo above is taken from the Storm Club shop and shows the Ophelia necklace. So pretty!.
This is not the greatest photo (because I took it!), but shows one of the pieces I've been wearing a lot lately (along with earrings that match!). This  photo does not do her work justice at all. So, really- go to the shop! Her work is beautiful
Soul Mantras: I've ordered several pieces from this shop and shared them on Instagram a couple of times. Liz's shop contains healing crystal and hand-stamped, personalized, jewelry and trinkets There is something special about receiving something from Soul Mantras- the packaging, the handwritten notes, inspirational cards and stickers, etc. make you feel like the owner personally knows you. I highly recommend it! Find the shop here.

The book:

Boundaries and Protection by Pixie Lighthorse

I finished this book in just a few hours and ended up with many bookmarked pages. So good! It was just what I needed to read this summer, as I have lots of extra thinking time on my hands. A quote from the back cover is a perfect way to describe it:

"To be able to change the world we need to learn how to get along better with each other. This beautiful much-needed book is a good place to start." - Susannah Conway

Everyone needs boundaries and everyone needs protection, right? This book offers the guidance you need to gracefully ensure that you set boundaries for and protect yourself while respecting the boundaries of others and their need for protection. Check it out and/or purchase here.

And the words:

Native Spirit Oracle Cards and Guidebook:

I've been using oracle or divination cards as part of my daily practice/morning routine for about six months now. I know they seem a little "woo woo" to some people, but I try to keep an open mind about it. I truly and wholeheartedly believe in intuition, but I also know that sometimes you are tuned into your intuition and other times it just isn't happening. On the days where I truly need answers and I pull a card that seems to provide the exact answer that I need, I choose to believe that intuition, energy, spirit, etc. played a part in it. Other days, when the cards provide a more generic message or one that just doesn't seem to be as significant to me, I still believe that it's something I may need to consider and keep in mind throughout the day. Plus- the illustrations are awesome! Find them here.

So many of these cards have resonated with me, but this is the most recent one. "Wounded Healer". From the guidebook by Denise Linn, an abbreviated version of the explanation:
Healing energy and vitality are flowing though you and to you. Whatever needs healing in your life is being resolved. Your so-called faults are becoming your virtues. No matter what happened in your past- it doesn't equal the future. The cracks are where the light enters the soul. Your strength lies in the difficulties you've overcome.

And, finally:
The Yoga of Awakening: Chakra Flow

Seane Corn has become a staple for me lately, as she includes prayers throughout each of her yoga sequences. Yesterday, this is the prayer offered near the end of the sequence:

"Invite into the space anyone you have a resentment towards. See not their face or story, but see their soul. Remember that they, too, are here to learn what love is; that they, too, are dealing with limited beliefs, trauma and fear; that they are also learning and growing- but in God's time- not in yours. See these beings as your teacher, as a spiritual guide, here to shift your consciousness through experience. You came together to do interesting spiritual work- whether or not they realize this is between them and God. Your lesson, your opportunity, is to transcend. You can't change what is, but you can evolve your understanding and grow. Cut the chains that have bound you in resentment, forgive and give them back to spirit. Imagine all of the resentment in your body draining out of your hands and into the earth beneath you. Release the judgement for self and others. Release all of the anger and shame. Let it go. "- Seane Corn

I know! Right?! Oh, my. So good. Find her website here. Even if you aren't into yoga, I think you'll benefit from checking out the website and reading (or listening to) her words.

I'll leave you with that one, as I'm gearing up for the Art of Education online conference today. I'm looking forward to getting back into work mode. Have a great day!


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